KAWI Group has helped several building owners with the training of their staff on energy efficiency technologies. These trainings have been specially coordinated, customized and cost effective. Some of these trainings are provided free of charge or at discounted costs. We have also assisted buildings with the development of comprehensive maintenance and operation schedules, that enables them to operate their buildings more efficiently. Record keeping and safety procedures have also been a major part of our trainings. We provide trainings to portfolio management and building operators on the following:

We also ensure that:

  • Operations and maintenance staff have received appropriate training (which may include safety, labor/management training) on all major equipment.
  • Operations and maintenance staff have received training on general energy conservation techniques.
  • Operational and maintenance record keeping procedures have been implemented.
  • Operations and maintenance manuals (if still available from the manufacturer), maintenance contracts, and the most recent retro-commissioning report are on-site and accessible to the operators.