Our Services

Our product offerings form a complete suite of services that include providing our customers with best customized product combination to meet their business objectives and more significantly providing savings in energy cost and consumption. Our energy services use advanced technologies to create tangible client benefits:

How we work

  • Utility Bill

  • Site Survey

  • Building Monitoring and measuring

  • Development of Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Engineering

  • Financial

  • Measure Implementation

Utility bill analysis provides historical utility data and preliminary building information which is normally very important in understanding building or facility operations and energy usage. This is the first step to understanding what energy efficiency measures might need to be recommended based on any anomalies identified in the historical utility data.
KAWI Group will work with you to coordinate site surveys which are very important to the energy assessment process as they provide us with:
  • Building energy usage, occupancy and operation
  • Reviewing important energy-using systems, processes and equipment
  • Gathering existing equipment information and controls strategies
  • Collecting quantitative data such as mechanical schedules and occupancy patterns
We measure and record existing conditions throughout the facility such as lumens of light, fan air flows (CFM) and a wide range of temperature readings. We employ different techniques such as the use of BTU meters, data loggers, building control systems and thermal imaging cameras to study the different existing conditions such as leakage on building envelopes and the proper function on mechanical components. Combustion analyses are performed on boilers and calculations from the heating sources and at the distribution points are recorded.
KAWI Group will come up with a compilation of energy efficiency measures assembled based on the results of gathered data from the walk through survey, measured data and modeling results. Our customized energy efficiency measures are packaged to offer you the best and the most appropriate measures maximize your energy savings.
An engineering analyses are conducted on key Energy Efficiency Measures in order to determine the feasibility of implementation. We use industry’s most appropriate and accepted methodologies and energy analysis tools to ensure accuracy, productivity and cost effectiveness.
Our financial analysis of the recommended measures are based on simple payback analysis conducted on each measure and in some cases a life cycle cost analysis is performed to determine the economic impact of the Energy Efficiency Measures. The results of these calculations are used to prioritize the list of Energy Efficiency Measures. We also look at the overall impact of the recommended measures to the environment. As always, all our measures are very much in line with our aim of helping reduce Green House Gas emissions and environmental sustainability.
KAWI Group will work with the client in making sure that the proposed measures are implemented based on the client’s priorities, goals and resource availability.
Continued monitoring of energy usage is essential to the saving of energy and will result in financial savings. A measurement and verification program will be tailor-made for the facility to be able to verify savings and monitor energy usage.